The process of hair coloring has become very common now. This is done more as a fashion now than to hide the grey hair as was the traditional practice. Usually, the women undergo this process to attain the desired shade of the hair. It has a stressing impact on your hair. The permanent hair dye penetrates the hair and gradually removes the natural color of the hair.

Eventually, this natural color of your hair will be replaced by the hair dye. It may cause severe damage to your hair over some time. You can protect your hair and prevent the damage by mixing permanent hair color with conditioner before applying it.

hair dye

How To Mix The Conditioner?

You can take a plastic bowl and add 1/8 cup of bleach to the 1/8 cup of the 20 volume developer. You can mix it thoroughly using the color brush. Then you can add ¼ cup of standard shampoo and stir it well. Now you have the ideal conditioner by adding conditioner to hair dye. You can massage this mixture into your hair by using the gloves.

Mixing Permanent Hair Color With Conditioner

You need to first select a suitable conditioner. These conditioners protect the hair from the harsh chemicals of the hair dye. Further, it provides nourishment to your hair by making it smooth and shiny. Then prepare your hair dye.

You need to read the instructions provide on the coloring kit before starting it as they vary with each brand.

Now you can add one or two tablespoons of the conditioner into the prepared dye. Mix both the ingredients well before using them. The hair dye is ready now for your use and you can continue your hair dye process in the usual manner. 

Advantages Of Mixing The Conditioner

You can get much more attractive colors and softer hair by mixing hair dye with conditioner. The conditioner can lighten the color of the hair dye. If your choice of hair color is violet, you will get the lavender shade instead. Then leave it for at least a minimum of 15 minutes. You can leave it longer to attain better results.

Benefits Of The Conditioner Mixture

  • It protects your hair from the dye chemicals.
  • You get a very smooth and silky hair after the application of the color.
  • It can lighten the color of the dye.

 ConclusionYou can always dye hair with conditioner in It for better results.