Now without spending money, you can get a cheap haircut. If you know the methods and techniques used for cutting then you can cut your hair just using a razor.

Even you can cut thin hair with razor within a short time. Customers can get a variety of haircuts if they select the best hairstylist. Here we will see how to cut hair using the razors. Just divide your hair into three sections like a top, bottom and middle portion. For perfect cutting, you need to have a razor comb.

Always start from the bottom section and then hold the razor comb perpendicular angle relative to hair. Move the razor gently towards the hair from the middle to the end. Continue this step for each section.

trim hair with razor

How To Section Your Hair

Then section your hair with razor comb and the comb is divided into three sections.  You can see that the end section of the comb has a normal comb. But the first portion of the comb is divided into two different sides. It contains a wide-toothed side and a small-toothed side in the first end. You can make a choppy layer by using the wide-toothed side.

However, the small-toothed side will be perfect for thinning hair and you can also make a subtle look. If it is the first time to trim hair with razor then start with a small-toothed side. When you get full confident to your razor then start with the other side.

How To Brush Your Hair

If the hair is not smooth enough then cutting will be difficult and sometime the hair may get damaged. So comb your hair until it gets smooth and remove the tangles. If you want to practice the haircutting then start with dry hair and also check that the hair is straight and soft. For example, it should look like a flat iron. Then it will be easy to see how many hairs you are removing.

Cutting hair with shaving Razor is also one of the best methods. If you are not practiced then don’t use this method. Again divide the middle section into two parts. You need to bring the two portions forward over the shoulder then it will be visible to cut.

For each cut you need to comb the hair then small hair will fall and you can get clear while cutting. The top section should be split into two and isolate the bulk one and start cutting.