round layersNow young girls like to have layer cut. Many hairstylists are available in the market and they also cut different types of layer cut. The layered cut is popular among the Hollywood stars you have seen them having this type in movies. The hairstyle will change the normal look of your face and it is cheap and affordable to everyone. If you are not a specialist in layer cutting then don’t cut and damage yours.

Various techniques are used while cutting layer cut. For some people, Round Layers Cut will increase the volume. And increase the layer equally throughout the head hair. Always select them only if it suits your face and structure.

Here we have discussed the difference between round vs square layers and another type. Each company has its terminology so don’t just simply select them to cut your hair. Get feedback from the regular customer. Take your copy, make a sample out of it, and check with your hairstylist whether it suits or not.

Types Of Layer Cut

There are four types of layer cut and they are framing, square, round and concave. The long layered cut is known as face-framing and the cut is made around the neck and face. The hair is shorted in the face but left long in the back. It is best for thin hair since it gives weight if you need it and its shape is perfect. But the round cut removes maximum hair.

Square layered haircut is used for thinning the hair. If you are going for a club or any band program you can select the square one. The haircut is different from framing and it gives roughness to hair.

square layersAnother interesting one is concave and where the hair is cut in the interior portion. The long one is left in the back and length is up to the shoulder level.


If you like to have any one of these cuttings then you need to understand how round layers vs square layer. They make the feature different in many ways like increasing or decreasing the hair texture. The round cut is suitable for people having a sharp jaw and strong feature. But the other one is suitable for an oval face.

The round layers provide softening effect but the square give choppy texture and short the hair. If you want your straight hair to get dense then select the square layer.