Nails are often overlooked in beauty, but they can make a statement. Nail art is becoming increasingly popular, and so many different designs can be chosen. You can go for a classic look with a simple design, or go all out with something more elaborate. You can let your creativity run wild with so many possibilities.


It is a classic look that is perfect for any occasion. To create this look, you will need to paint your nails with a white polish and then use a striping brush to create the french tip. Using a glitter polish, you can add some sparkle to this look.


Who doesn’t love a bit of bling? You can add some sparkle to your nails by adding some rhinestones or diamonds. You can either stick them on with nail glue or get them professionally applied. Navigate here to find interesting nail designs with diamonds.


Flowers are always a popular choice when it comes to nail art. You can go for a subtle look with one or two flowers, or go all out with an entire bouquet on your nails. 3D flowers are also becoming increasingly popular.


Fruit is another fun and unique way to decorate your nails. You can paint them on or you can use real fruit slices. Either way, they’re sure to turn heads.


If you’re looking for something more glam, then glitter is the way to go. You can add it to any design to make it pop. You can also use it on its own for a simple and chic look.

Nail stickers

It is a great way to add some flair to your nails without having to go through the hassle of painting them. You can find stickers in all sorts of designs, from simple and chic to outrageous and fun. They’re also super easy to apply, so they’re perfect for those not too confident with their painting skills.


It is a popular choice for those who want something a bit out of this world. Galaxy nails are usually created with a sponge to give them that unique effect.

3D nail art

If you want to go the extra mile, you can try out some 3D nail art. It is a bit more time-consuming and requires a bit more skill, but the results are worth it. You can find tutorials online on how to create different 3D designs.

Water marbling

It is a bit of a tricky technique, but it can create some really beautiful designs. You need a steady hand and a lot of patience, but it’s doable. Check out this tutorial on water marbling your nails.


Ombre is a popular technique in hair and nails, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a simple but effective way to add some dimension to your nails. You can use two colors or go for a more dramatic look with three or more.

There are many different ways to do your nails, and endless options exist. These are just a few popular designs, so get creative and have fun!